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Defense Care, Derma Cosmetics

Hellocell delivers
effective ingredients deep into the skin.

BRAND Introduction

Welcome to hellocell


Company history
2019.01.18. Establishment of Innercure Corporation
2019.04.18. Sponsorship agreement with Samsung BlueFangs
2019.04.25. Qualified by Korea SMEs and Startups Agency
2019.05.03. Official Launching of Hellocell website
2019.07.01. Reorganization of Hellocell website
2019.07.26. EU certification of all products of Korea's Derma Cosmetics representative 'HelloCell' has been completed
2019.08.07. Exporting to Thailand/Maxico
2019.09.30. Store opened on Shinsegae Duty Free online and Gangnam Branch
2019.10.10. Pop-up store at Lotte Department Store, Busan-gwangbok branch
2019.10.28. Australia Trademark Registration approved
2019.10.31. Acquisition of United States Trademark
2019.11.10. Hellocell Brand Day with Samsung Volleyball Team, Samsung BlueFangs
2019.11.13. Awarded ‘2019 Seoul Award’
2019.11.18. Pop-up store at Lotte Department Store, Seoul-bundang branch
2019.12.03. Store opened at Shinsegae Duty Free Myeongdong head office
2019.12.08. Launched on TV Home Shopping – SHOP TV Philippines
2019.12.14. Launched in Vietnam
2019.12.20. product registration in China completion


Company history
2020.01.02. Hellocell have launched in Seoul station
2020.01.02. Collaboration with Public Home Shopping
2020.01.16. Collaboration with MUSINSA
2020.01.21. Partnership with doctorpetit
2020.02.07. The best product of the month by hankyung
2020.02.21. Collaboration with YES24, 10X10, 29CM
2020.03.09. Tea Tree Spot Patch, 2020 Seoul Award by design/quality
2020.04.01. new model, Konwn as 'Web Drama Queen' actress Jung Shinhye
2020.05.07. Products designated for Public Procurement Service(조달청)
2020.05.18. Vitamin K Doctor Petit Cream Launching
2020.05.21. Indian TV Home Shopping Contract(sponsor: Busan Economic Promotion Agency)
2020.05.25. India Exportation
2020.05.29. Selected for Explore Europe 2020(Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, Busan)
2020.06.09. Ectoin all in one essence CPNP certified (China)
2020.07.03. Vitamin K Dr.petit Cream, 2020 Seoul Award by design/quality
2020.07.14. Taobao China online store opened
2020.07.24. Tea Tree Spot Patch chosen as 'Amazon's Choice'
2020.09.18. Excellent Weather Management Company by KMA
2020.10.28. Korea Angel Investment Association President Award
2020.11.10. Renewed yam sticky cream has given a ‘2020 Seoul Award’
2020.12.28. Hellocell has been designated as an export-promising


2021.03.03. New product 'Hellocell Redness Soothing Gel'
2021.04.02. 2021 Seoul Award for 'Hellocell Redness Soothing Gel'
2021.06.06. The best product of the month by Hankyung